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           “The Vintage Genie” Fashion Blogger is open to review, sample and or speak on various products or services you would like her to assess on your company’s  behalf. Some products the “Genie”  reviews are: Vintage Style clothing, a variety of Ladies clothing,  gorgeous  wigs, sexy shoes, hot bags and of course,  glamorous make up.

Please feel free to contact the “Genie“. She will be so excited and you will appreciate her genuine efforts and commitment to your company. The “Genie” is professional,  dedicated and extremely sincere with everything she lays her hands on! After all she is a Genie. No joke, she really is!

You too will become a believer once you allow this “Vintage Genie” to work her magic on any project you request. Maybe then you will live to love her and if you don’t…….Well just adore her.  She will absolutely love that! Interested in Booking? Please complete the form below and someone will contact you within 48 hours.


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger




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