Words From The “Genie”

It is with great pleasure and honor to be able to share my unique and crazy shopping experiences with you. I know you will be just amazed as I have been once you learn of all my many wigs, clothes and shoes. Awe I have some neat bags too. They all just happen to come with some insane price tags ! I am the clearance markdown Genie. I absolutely love, love deals.

I especially love them when the item I am getting is worth so much, much more! It’s fun to spend hundreds but look like I have just spent thousands! Can you imagine leather, furs and cashmere? All at insane and unbeatable prices. I want to show you how to shop for incredible and insane deals too just in case, you don’t already know!

I must admit once I get started its difficult to go back! It gets exciting  to me and the deals keep screaming my name! Honestly deals are not always available or lets just say , I don’t always find the deals  I want. I  have good shopping days and I  have bad shopping days too. I want to teach you my concept and show you the difference.

This will ensure you are purchasing good quality and not just merely throwing any old thing in your shopping cart. Keep watching and I promise to tell you about my “REAL” Genie secrets. Well some of them. You can’t expect me to reveal all of my secrets to you, geesh. Alright I’m just kidding. I will share them all with you. Well maybe,  probably, heck I DON’T KNOW! Just leave it alone already. I thought you were here to talk about FASHION.


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger

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