The Vintage Genie “Goodwill” Shopping Experience

IMG_1820Desiree In Black

I  consider myself the “Vintage Genie” because I am a Fashion blogger that loves Vintage style clothes and simply because I am a genie. I really am! I will explain all that later cause I know you have tons and tons of questions. Anyway I have always adored “Vintage” ever since I was a little girl. I love Lucy, Shirley Temple , Marilyn Monroe were just a few of my mentors and ones I highly admire and respect to this very day.

I am even considered a professional “Goodwill Shopper”. I’m so serious y’all! I cannot make this up or even dream of such. Well, perhaps I could but…. Anyway it’s  because I am a “Genie” that I have the ability to purchase Goodwill items, take them home, clean them up and work my magic. Of course, I’m referring to my “Genie Magic” and then coordinate my latest pieces with other collections within my wardrobe to create a fabulous, elegant and polished look. Often times this look is “Vintage my favorite. Of course I have other stuff besides Vintage but not much ha ha.

Stay tuned and I will share some of my low cost and extraordinary pieces with you! I have decided to share my awesome shopping secrets too! You ask, the question why? Well, because I think you’re super awesome and fabulous like me! I know this  stuff because you’re taking the time out of your busy, crazy and hectic  day to read this blog. Besides all that, Genies are just simply programmed to know a bunch of stuff. I don’t know why but we just do. The uniqueness about me is that I shop in Chicago and online clearance racks but  primarily I shop at Goodwill Stores all over the world.  My wardrobe is massive and is loaded with  dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, etc. I may have spent hundreds but ultimately I have saved thousands.



Yours Truly,

‘The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger

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Boss Lady Stepping Out


This awesome all purpose beauty can be worn just about anywhere and in any season! This smoothe, silky, soft, linen dress is a true keeper and definitely one of my favorites. I don’t know how I could ever make it without this lovely piece.

I wear her to church, while  enjoying myself on the town, to the office or simply anywhere I so desire. She certainly fits into any arena. She was priced just right and coordinates well with any bag and shoe enseuof my liking.

The sunshades went perfect with this dress as well as the other accessories and shoes. This beauty was fun to dress up yet simple to accomplish. I love a great buy and especially when it’s so easy to coordinate. Stay tuned for more beauties like this one because have many many more where this o e came from. Hot looks for the summer on the rise!

Sunglasses: Steve Madden $36.99

Dress: Calvin Klein $21.99 Ross Dress for Less

Shoes: Calvin Klein $42.99

Bracelets : Charlotte Russe $5.99

Bag: Michael Kors


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist

Egyptian Beauty

1174CD24-CC67-4D10-B3D7-8698BCB35392This lovely ensemble was one of my faves when coordinating the colors together. The color Gold gives off such great and powerful energy. I get so excited whenever  I’m around it, It gives off such a radiance, a sense of beauty and such great style.  Gold is just fun! Besides, everyone knows Gold is an attraction to any Genie. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea why. It just is.

This cute little outfit merely warrants the Genie to just about anything planned or unplanned. This outfit is simple yet, has flavor, a touch of class, confidence and boldness where necessary. This beauty can take me to a nice quiet and intimate movie, an adventurous walk in a well established museum or a perfect evening of dinner alone with that special someone.


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist


Sun Shades: Charlotte Russe $6

Necklace: Charlotte Russe $9.99

Top: AnnTaylor $36

Jeans: Charlotte Russe $22

Belt: Charlotte Russe $8

Nails: Queen Nails By LISA $40

Bag: Michael Kors


Charlotte..I’m Coming To Get Some!


Yes, you read it right! Im coming to get some! Charlotte Russe has once again intrigued me! This season they have everything to get you sexy and keep you there! Don’t be surprised if you step out looking like a “Super Model”.

Charlotte definitely wants you to look good and so does the GENIE. Meanwhile the Genie will be grabbing some pieces to help accentuate her wardrobe in the process. You see the Genie is no fool. She knows a deal when she sees one.

So come on! Let’s head over to Charlotte and see what fun we can have! I’m so ready to shop, shop, shop! I decided to just browse to see what they had and to my dismay, the real question is what didn’t they have? From sunglasses, to dresses, shorts, sexy tops and shoes! I will be back most definitely to get me some!

Pictured Above:

Sun Shades: Charlotte Russe $6

5 in 2 Necklace: Charlotte $5.99

Bracelet Ensemble Ser Charlotte $5.99

Belt: Charlotte Russe $8

Shoes Charlotte Russe $19.99

Bag: Michael Koors $165.00


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Specialist/Blogger

Let’s Have Summer


Well everyone I guess it’s safe to announce it’s finally Summer? Well in some places it is but in some areas it is certainly questionable. The weather may be a lil tricky so at times we just gotta dress according to the temperatures.

Anyway let’s try to focus on some Summer ideas just in case, it decides to visit your town! Short sleeve tops, cut up jeans and Capri pants are definitely in , along with a cute sassy bag and shoes to polish up the look.

You cant go wrong this season with just about whatever you select! The fashion realm is wide open theses days to try out new and exciting ideas. Let’s have fun and try s few here! This outfit is cool, classy, comfortable and definitely sexy. Blue represents peace so it’s virtually impossible to go wrong with anything of the Blue family.  Come on! What are you waiting for? Let’s do Blue, let’s Have Summer!

Pictured Above: The Genie is Wearing

Royal Blue Top Goodwill $3.99

White Cut Jeans Burlington $20.99

Shoes Silver Heeled Sandals DSW $19.99

Hair Black Straight Vixen Sam’s Beauty $47.99


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Specialist/ Blogger


“Jealousy “


Jealousy has never defined me. I’m simply territorial. Jealously is when you want something that isn’t yours. Territorial is protecting what is already yours. I own this look, this image and this outfit! It’s my signature look. Classy, elegance and my own personal touch of individuality.

So would you call me territorial? I would say definitely, yes! This is me and I have no intentions of EVER trading in this look. I’m so loving this one…Can’t wait to experience more color! I’m a girl that wants to have fun!

This look entails:

Top: Rainbow $6.99

Skirt: Rainbow $9.99

Sunglasses: Rainbow $6.99

Shoes: Charlotte Russe $19.99

Hair: Sam’s Beauty $21.99

Jewerly: Charlotte Russe

Nails: Queen Nails By LISA


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist




Buckhead Georgia Celebrity Lenox Mall

Hey  guys! I wanted to learn what all the hype was about in reference to the well known Lenox Mall located in the prestigous (Buckhead) of Atlanta Georgia so,the Vintage Genie decided to experience it for herself! I will start off with Lenox was quite different from the typical mall because it offered high end to mid range which indicates versatility. It was unique in a sense to learn Lenox caters to and has stores tailored to fit most budgets without being so obviously elite or segregated.
Lenox allows for the not so fortunate to the extreme fortunate and wealthy to share their shopping experiences together.
I especially enjoyed all of the interesting and healthy restaurants Lenox had to offer. The Genie took sole advantage of that! I decided to eat at The Lenox Grill. I had the pleasure of ordering the Low Fat Turkey Burger with cheese, Baked Potato Soup and water with lemon.
The food was decent and the service was unbelievably great! You see I’m from the Midwest and simply put its just not common to see so many polite, considerate and helpful people. Where The Genie is from its best not to do a lot of talking or asking of questions. GPS and Google are just much better resources. Lol.
I shopped at various stores and made some awesome selections that I’m extremely proud of. Victoria Secrets was at the top of my list and Mac Cosmetics received quite a of attention as well. I honestly did not see any well known Celebrities however I did see “Scrappy”a known Rap Artist. Lenox Mall is a Paramount for Stars so perhaps next time The “Vintage Genie” will just have to rub her Genie Bottle to have better luck! I must say I had a memorable experience I will not soon forget! Lenox Mall gave me such peace and comfort. It had such a friendly, comfortable and addictive vibe that I had no problem taking in! Lenox, the Genie will be back!
Floral Print Top: Charloutte Russe $6.99
Hunter Skirt: Rainbow Shops $9.99
Sunglasses: Rainbow Shops $6.99
Jewerly: Charloutte Russe   $3.99 Each

Shoes: Goodwill “Brandnew” Slides $4.99

“Train It”

5859ECF4-9930-470F-9E1B-DE26736A98B1There has been much hype about “Waist Trainers“. Women and Men are using them to slim their upper torsos and waist lines in hopes of obtaining their desired weight and or waist measurements. I personally live by  Trainers. They definitely help shape and sculpt the middle section of my body and  help me  look and feel  amazing! Try it for 30 days or maybe even 90 days. You will be so glad you did!

“Trainers” are becoming more and more attractive by way of the many colors and diverse styles. The Vintage Genie has tried several and deemed her favorite to  those pictured above in order of prevalence. 1) Comery Waist Trainer Corset Vest- Its smooth, sleek, soft and super comfy. It fits under any garment while  allowing you to wear your own bra! 2) Yiana Womens Workout Underbust Latex Sport Girdle- Gives added support and security. Perfect for larger exterior clothing but has bulge; so not good for all garments. 3) Sayfut Waist Trainer Corset for Weight loss- Great for work out or larger exterior clothing due to snaps and added bulge.

A good Trainer gives the beautiful “hourglass” figure but #1 maintains the shape in a sexy dress, pants or anything you wear. #2, #3 Will not project a smooth finish in lighter clothing . If you are considering purchasing one for yourself or someone else I suggest you obtain one which is of the individuals exact size or one size larger. Some will suggest a size smaller but  you will be disappointed if the “Trainer” is not true to size. Different companies  produce the exact same Trainer but may vary significantly in size. Prices vary from $3.99- approximately $20.98.

Unfortunately I learned the hard way. The GENIE didn’t use her magical powers in the selection process. I decided  to shop like a regular human. I learned  my “Trainer” did not fit! As a matter of fact I learned several didn’t fit! I purchased a total of 4 Waist Trainers that ended up being surprise gifts to some happy recipients.  A surprise to me because I had no intentions of giving Trainers away! Lol. Feel free to scroll  here, click now and  get the exact same Trainers that I bought from Amazon! Have fun! Bye, bye!

Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist


COMERY Waist Trainer Vest $19.98

YIANNA Womens Underbust Latex Sport $16.99- $28.99

SAYFUT Waist Trainer Corset For Weightloss $3.99-$9.99


Shh…get prepared now while no one is really thinking about it. Get a head start on everything you need to make your day great! Now don’t go rushing to the office tomorrow and prepare everyone else. Keep this one to yourself. You have time to grab sexy lingerie, a card and a fabulous gift for your loved one.

Don’t forget your smell good and extra bikinis too! Two is always better than one. Will you be booking a room, need wine? Well plan, plan plan! Make sure you have fun, look good, smell good and go now!
As you know I’m a Genie so I NEVER have to plan stuff really. Genies just get to have whatever they want whenever they want but sometimes its just fun acting like I understand human nature. You know what I mean? Well perhaps not, now why would I ask such a silly question? Genie jokes at large!
 Yours Truly,
The Vintage Genie
Fashion Blogger/Product Review


Hurry! Last Chance!


xmas fun

My dear last minute shoppers. Take a peek here at a few opportunities you have left. I have compiled a few stores you  may do a little bit of shopping without any worries. Please double check the hours ; they may vary from town to town. Be safe, have fun and most of all hurry, hurry, hurry. This could be your ultimate last chance!


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist



Time To Hustle

genie shop xmasgenie shop xmasgenie shop xmas

Hey my lovely, lovely friends and family. If you’re like a lotta folks it’s time to hustle and bustle. Awe I kid you not! Yes the lines are long and if you really hate shopping among a lot of people, whining and crying babies you’re gonna certainly despise this time of the season. This time is called “LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS” or last minute complainers.

Yes they fuss, they fight and some may cry because they waited until the last minute for whatever reason and now that perfect gift simply does not exist! Allow the Genie to help you make this otherwise disaster a much smoother one for you and your loved ones. You see, The Vintage Genie loves and really cares about you! She understands you cannot be like her and just wave a wand and gifts of your choice appear or perform magic tricks and you’re suddenly at the front of the line in Macy’s department store with huge discounts than even Mr. Macy didn’t realize existed.

So go out now, yes now and grab those last minute gifts before it really gets too late. Look on the bright side you still have a little time! So enjoy and be safe and don’t forget to take your credit card or some extra cash. The Genie would hate for you to leave anything behind which could cause further delay. as you know our time here is limited. It’s officially time to hustle and bustle! Awe and please let the Genie know how it went! Merry Christmas everyone!


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/ Product Review Specialist




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