“Fun In The Sun”

Taking time to enjoy fun in the sun always has a way of allowing me to appreciate the greatness of nature. The warmth from the sun gently tapped my cheeks as my face embraced the heat of the sunshine forcing my entire body to gradually heat up. Although I appreciate the beautiful amazing colors  and  perfumed scents the flowers share I am grateful for the refreshing water. There’s nothing which comes closer than the image of fresh, blue cool water. It certainly gave me just the  cooling effect I so desired at the perfect moment. The alluring breeze from the water assisted greatly in making may day so much more peaceful and relaxing. I enjoyed boats on the water,  birds singing, children playing and families spending quality time together.

Awe, this was a day of such remembrance and quality owed to myself. My dress, oh yes allow me to tell you all about it! Today was actually the day I was to rid myself of this dress once and for all. I had held it in my closet for quite some time and determined I really had no place to flaunt it. Then today came and  I decided this is it! One last time wearing this dress but after  “Fun in The Sun” something magically  changed my already convinced mind.  That dress made me feel incredible! That colorful, soft and comfortable fabric made my skin feel so amazing! There were no constricting sleeves, bulky belts, buttons or zippers. It just simply had the feel of freedom and allowed me the chance to simply enjoy me. I guess it has been so long that I had forgotten just what “Freedom” feels like.

I now view life differently and yes, all from the difference of what one little dress has made! My dress has a brand new beginning  with me. I have decided to keep her. We shall embark on a new journey together. A  journey composed with a new meaning and this time a journey with a real purpose. Allow yourself to enjoy the sun too. Perhaps you have a journey of your own or one you may even want to share with someone else. Have fun, let your hair down and live! After all, you owe it to yourself. Make sure you know for yourself that you are beautiful and you enjoy nothing but the best! So, don’t you dare settle for less!  I am looking forward to many more days like this one, “Fun In The Sun“.

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