Basic Bitch? What Is That?

BBThe Genie rolled over while in bed excited and eager to check her mail; hoping for something great! When these words appeared across the screen of my lap top: Get the Basic Bitch Look Available In-Store & Online. I was in total and complete awe! Never, ever have I been shocked more! I wasn’t this shocked the day I learned I was a Genie. Once I realized I was a Genie I became intrigued to learn more, develop more Genie character and primarily learn to adapt to the fact that I was just different. Knowing it was one thing but, well seeing it was quite another. Let me tell you, being a Genie is absolutely amazing! I cannot imagine anything more fascinating or comparable than a Genie…and then along came the Basic B…..

  I’m not sure who, what or why Mac Cosmetics came up with the idea to name a Girls’ Eye Shadow Palette and Highlighter  line “Basic Bitch but the Genie was personally offended. At first I thought is was a hoax and I had no idea who would play such a horrific trick on MAC Cosmetics. Determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. I began my research and to my dismay, this in fact was not some hoax to reel me in to sabotage my commitment to MAC. This “Basic Bitch” theory was real. It was so real that it is  advertised as a Girls’ Eye Shadow Palette Line. I learned on July 24, 2017  launched the palette: Basic Bitch. Other palettes  to trend thereafter to include Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Prissy Princess, and Unapologetically Power Hungry .

Beginning August 3, 2017 will mark the date when one may add one to six Girls palettes. Each palette will accompany eight shimmer and matte shades and one illuminating shimmer shade for a competitive price of  $39.50 at  any M.A.C. store or online at There is much controversy surrounding Mac’s decision to introduce such a touchy named collection “Basic Bitch”.  As I said earlier I  found such introduction showcased in an email sent to me via MAC Cosmetics. I was completely shocked and could not believe what I was reading! I mean who actually wants their little girl referred to as “Basic Bitch?” I could perhaps tolerate Prissy Princess or even Fashion Fanatic but I’m not too certain about Basic Bitch. That title alone carries a significant meaning and I see DANGER all around it. Please follow The Vintage Genie and post your views of how you feel with regards to the Basic Bitch.




Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Blogger

The Vintage Genie “Goodwill” Shopping Experience

IMG_1820Desiree In Black

I  consider myself the “Vintage Genie” because I am a Fashion blogger that loves Vintage style clothes and simply because I am a genie. I really am! I will explain all that later cause I know you have tons and tons of questions. Anyway I have always adored “Vintage” ever since I was a little girl. I love Lucy, Shirley Temple , Marilyn Monroe were just a few of my mentors and ones I highly admire and respect to this very day.

I am even considered a professional “Goodwill Shopper”. I’m so serious y’all! I cannot make this up or even dream of such. Well, perhaps I could but…. Anyway it’s  because I am a “Genie” that I have the ability to purchase Goodwill items, take them home, clean them up and work my magic. Of course, I’m referring to my “Genie Magic” and then coordinate my latest pieces with other collections within my wardrobe to create a fabulous, elegant and polished look. Often times this look is “Vintage my favorite. Of course I have other stuff besides Vintage but not much ha ha.

Stay tuned and I will share some of my low cost and extraordinary pieces with you! I have decided to share my awesome shopping secrets too! You ask, the question why? Well, because I think you’re super awesome and fabulous like me! I know this  stuff because you’re taking the time out of your busy, crazy and hectic  day to read this blog. Besides all that, Genies are just simply programmed to know a bunch of stuff. I don’t know why but we just do. The uniqueness about me is that I shop in Chicago and online clearance racks but  primarily I shop at Goodwill Stores all over the world.  My wardrobe is massive and is loaded with  dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, etc. I may have spent hundreds but ultimately I have saved thousands.



Yours Truly,

‘The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger

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