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xmas and us
It’s that time of year again when people tend to be happier and full of great cheer! It’s that time of year again when you see more smiling faces than ever before. Ole Mary despised you in high school, but when she subsequently sees you out with family Mary mystically invites you over for tea. Ironically in high school ole Mary refused to sit next to you in order to complete a minor classroom task. Now, you have every right to suspect something strange must be in the air.
The family pet is so overjoyed he springs high up in the air and lands on your lap. Awe, the baby is at such perfect peace and even your neighbors are acting a bit strange or quite odd I would say. Your neighbors are actually friendly! They even smile whenever you greet them. Your boss has suddenly transferred into a calm and reasonable human being. You ask, how possible? He is no longer yelling hysterically at every error or issue which arises. Oh, he’s yelling but this time it’s just simply different; you know what I mean. The office has a certain calmness and people really do actually notice.
Such beautiful and amazing tree trimmings, the awesome and magical lights that mesmerize us all, the taste of chocolate chip freshly baked cookies and warm hot chocolate filled with marshmallows. That always gets me excited! Lets not forget that sweet sweet smell of grandma’s homemade fresh baked apple pie. The aroma is like an instant air freshener we never want to go away. Well I must say you’ve guessed it right! Yes indeed you have. It’s Christmas! That’s my secret. Now let’s go and enjoy all the festivities the season has to offer. Why not? Don’t you deserve it?
Yours Truly,
The Vintage Genie
Blogger/Product Review Specialist

My Blue has Some Clues


This Genie was completely clueless when she purchased this amazing blue outfit all for just under $50! You ask, how is this ever so possible? Well I wanted to know too! This outfit is chic, cute, and maybe even a lil sassy too. This Genie loves to shop, loves to have fun and as you know loves a great bargain too. My ultimate secret is NEVER give up on finding deals. What one store may NOT have, another will. Just be persistent and go get ’em! Trust the Genie, the deals are out there.

So let’s start from the very beginning and journey our way right into these amazing and cheap bargains, I picked up at some of your favorite stores! Although, be aware you may or may not be able to get the exact same deals I picked up. Just know there is something at these fabulous stores for everybody and if you are determined like The Vintage Genie, you will find your treasure too! Use patience, have a positive attitude and be open to change. Sometimes changing your style and normal look is just what you need!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, fashions, trends and escape from the norm. These days every fashion is in. Its hard to go wrong unless, you are just completely off task and then, and ONLY then I will be forced to contact “The Fashion Police”. Your unique and individualized look is exactly what you make it so, have fun creating your own look while saving a bundle of cash doing it. Who says you needs loads of cash to look amazing? Shop smart and if, you’re on a budget, keep following me! Then you too, will have clues whenever you shop just like the Genie. Now take a peek down below! Now you too know why my Blues have Clues. I shopped deals and made all of this possible.

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Glasses: (Kmart) $2.99

Jewerly: Charlotte Russe $6.99

Hair:(Sam’s Beauty) $21.99) Outre Zenn Synthetic Lace Front Wig Color DR30

Lip Color:(Mac Cosmetics) $20.00 Matte Bugglegum AC1

Top:(Goodwill) $4.99) Express

Jeans:(Atlanta Flea Market) $25.00 Express Skinny

Bag:(Goodwill) $4.99) 9 West

Shoes:(Goodwill) $4.99) Bakers Stilettos

Thank you so much for hanging out with me! Talk to you next time.



Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist

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“Celebrity” Mall Shopping

ATLANTA MEHey  guys! I wanted to learn what all the hype was about in reference to the well known Lenox Mall located in the prestigous (Buckhead) of Atlanta Georgia so,the Vintage Genie decided to experience it for herself!  Lenox was quite different from the typical mall. It offered high end to mid range which indicates versatility. It was unique to learn Lenox caters to and has stores tailored to fit most budgets without being  segregated. Lenox allows  the not so fortunate to the extreme fortunate and wealthy to share shopping experiences together.

I especially enjoyed all of the interesting and healthy restaurants Lenox had to offer and the Genie took sole advantage of that! I shopped at various stores and made some awesome selections that I’m extremely proud of. Victoria Secrets was at the top of my list including  Mac Cosmetics. I honestly did not see many well known Celebrities however I did see “Scrappy“a known Rap Artist.

Lenox Mall is a Paramount for Stars so perhaps next time The “Vintage Genie” will just have to rub her Genie Bottle to have better luck! I must say I had a memorable experience I will not soon forget! Lenox Mall gave me such peace and comfort. It had such a friendly, comfortable and addictive vibe that I had no problem taking in! Lenox Mall, the Genie will be back!

(Wardrobe Pictured Above)

Floral Print Top: Charloutte Russe $6.99

Hunter Skirt: Rainbow Shops $9.99

Sunglasses: Rainbow Shops $6.99

(Lenox Mall, Buckhead Atlanta Georgia)


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist

Basic Bitch? What Is That?

BBThe Genie rolled over while in bed excited and eager to check her mail; hoping for something great! When these words appeared across the screen of my lap top: Get the Basic Bitch Look Available In-Store & Online. I was in total and complete awe! Never, ever have I been shocked more! I wasn’t this shocked the day I learned I was a Genie. Once I realized I was a Genie I became intrigued to learn more, develop more Genie character and primarily learn to adapt to the fact that I was just different. Knowing it was one thing but, well seeing it was quite another. Let me tell you, being a Genie is absolutely amazing! I cannot imagine anything more fascinating or comparable than a Genie…and then along came the Basic B…..

  I’m not sure who, what or why Mac Cosmetics came up with the idea to name a Girls’ Eye Shadow Palette and Highlighter  line “Basic Bitch but the Genie was personally offended. At first I thought is was a hoax and I had no idea who would play such a horrific trick on MAC Cosmetics. Determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. I began my research and to my dismay, this in fact was not some hoax to reel me in to sabotage my commitment to MAC. This “Basic Bitch” theory was real. It was so real that it is  advertised as a Girls’ Eye Shadow Palette Line. I learned on July 24, 2017 maccosmetics.com.  launched the palette: Basic Bitch. Other palettes  to trend thereafter to include Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Prissy Princess, and Unapologetically Power Hungry .

Beginning August 3, 2017 will mark the date when one may add one to six Girls palettes. Each palette will accompany eight shimmer and matte shades and one illuminating shimmer shade for a competitive price of  $39.50 at  any M.A.C. store or online at  maccosmetics.com. There is much controversy surrounding Mac’s decision to introduce such a touchy named collection “Basic Bitch”.  As I said earlier I  found such introduction showcased in an email sent to me via MAC Cosmetics. I was completely shocked and could not believe what I was reading! I mean who actually wants their little girl referred to as “Basic Bitch?” I could perhaps tolerate Prissy Princess or even Fashion Fanatic but I’m not too certain about Basic Bitch. That title alone carries a significant meaning and I see DANGER all around it. Please follow The Vintage Genie and post your views of how you feel with regards to the Basic Bitch.

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Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Blogger

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Country Time


The Country has always been one of my favorite places to unwind, relax and just simply rejuvenate and meditate. Its a place of coherency and ultimate peace away from the daily city life of loud and hasty fire truck sirens, people yelling, music playing, babies crying and simply the everyday exchange of busy individuals commuting from one place to another. Its a taste of pure freedom away from overcrowded Starbucks, long lines and stubborn traffic lights. Awe, such a breath of fresh air! Just listen to the crickets, enjoy the midnight stars and embrace serenity and tranquility wholeheartedly. Once the fresh, sweet morning air and beautiful sunshine awake you, and kiss you on your cheek, you will then know its a new day!

A new day sets forth for new adventures, new and fresh ideas and certainly a new outfit! This cool outfit was purchased for less than $15. This gorgeous Haute Monde floral print off shoulder top was on clearance for just $5. Awe,and this all purpose hunter green “Iris” pencil skirt was at a ridiculous price of $9.97. These unique pieces were purchased at http://www.rainbowshops.com. I obtained free shipping and super fast delivery of my purchase. You can just imagine that this “Genie” was happy because she has landed yet, another super great deal! You see, the Vintage Genie loves, loves deals, clearance price tags, markdowns and super sales. Its all so simple and that’s because she just wouldn’t have it any other way!

So why not enjoy the Country Summer? Kick back grab yourself a glass of cool freshly squeezed ice cold lemonade. Relax by the pool and enjoy a great book or perhaps one of the latest Fashion magazines. Now its time to embrace the atmosphere and take in the beautiful warm sun as it dances across the sky. make certain you have your hot and sexy shades, pack some sunscreen and dress comfortably too cause its relaxation time! Awe, now your doing it and don’t worry about that text. You can always respond later! Don’t answer that call either; well unless its an emergency like your husband needs a grilled chicken sandwich from your local burger joint or your neighbor needs borrow your lawn sprinkler since theirs went out last Spring or, your son wants you to meet the new love of his life. (She is only the fifth one this month) Well, you get the point. Otherwise enjoy!

My Black Experience

I had a really important business meeting in Chicago I needed to attend. I had 1 hour and 15 minutes before I was to arrive and I was exactly 45 minutes away! Yes of course I planned to be on time but I also had my shopping obligation. Anyone that knows me will tell you “The Genie” has to  shop whenever I travel to Chicago. I just gotta! So here I am pressed for time and debating rather I had enough time to shop or head to my meeting. Well I knew I  needed an off shoulder top and well, I could certainly  use a black pencil skirt too. So it was settled. I was off on this shopping journey determined to collect the exclusive items on my “most wanted” list!

While driving I discovered I needed fuel! Why now, in the middle of my rushing to go shopping and meeting trip? I wondered if I could make it? I didn’t want to be late. I had to allocate time for shopping, estimate travel and peace of mind while shopping. You see, I cannot allow any distractions. Shopping is a job which requires one’s full and complete concentration. Nonetheless I stopped at the service station to get gas. As I drove I learned I was in Hyde Park or at least close by. I searched for a convenient store when I stumbled across Rainbow. Yes, Rainbow! Now I never ever shop there for anything; Rainbow just does not offer my style or quality of clothing but because of my time allotment the odds were against me. Needless to say I ended up in Rainbow. To my surprise I purchased this gorgeous Ambiance off shoulder top” on the clearance rack for just $5.00 and an Iris black pencil skirt for only $9.97. Believe it or not the top is of excellent and sound quality and I would have paid more at another establishment.

As for the skirt  the quality and price are compatible and its certainly not worth much more. Both pieces for just $15.00. I was totally ecstatic! If I were to shop anywhere else I would have been expected to pay at least $40-$50 bucks at the least!  Y’all I must say, I owe Rainbow an apology. I completely prejudged them; they have quality beyond their price tag. I cannot say I will shop with them again but I can say if  I had not been in a hurry I may have never learned to appreciate Rainbow or to embrace such awesome deals. My cute black skirt and dainty little adorable top are 2 hot pieces! Now that’s “My Black Experience“. By the way, I arrived to the meeting and on time!

Yours Truly,

‘The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger

“Fun In The Sun “



Taking time to enjoy  fun in the sun always has a way of allowing me to appreciate the greatness of nature. The warmth from the sun gently tapped my cheeks as my face embraced the heat of the sunshine forcing my entire body to gradually heat up. Although I appreciate the beautiful amazing colors  and  perfumed scents the flowers share I am grateful for the refreshing water. There’s nothing which comes closer than the image of fresh, blue cool water. It certainly gave me just the  cooling effect I so desired at the perfect moment. The alluring breeze from the water assisted greatly in making may day so much more peaceful and relaxing. I enjoyed boats on the water,  birds singing, children playing and families spending quality time together.

Awe, this was a day of such remembrance and quality owed to myself. My dress, oh yes allow me to tell you all about it! Today was actually the day I was to rid myself of this dress once and for all. I had held it in my closet for quite some time and determined I really had no place to flaunt it. Then today came and  I decided this is it! One last time wearing this dress but after  “Fun in The Sun” something magically  changed my already convinced mind.  That dress made me feel incredible! That colorful, soft and comfortable fabric made my skin feel so amazing! There were no constricting sleeves, bulky belts, buttons or zippers. It just simply had the feel of freedom and allowed me the chance to simply enjoy me. I guess it has been so long that I had forgotten just what “Freedom” feels like.

I now view life differently and yes, all from the difference of what one little dress has made! My dress has a brand new beginning  with me. I have decided to keep her. We shall embark on a new journey together. A  journey composed with a new meaning and this time a journey with a real purpose. Allow yourself to enjoy the sun too. Perhaps you have a journey of your own or one you may even want to share with someone else. Have fun, let your hair down and live! After all, you owe it to yourself. Make sure you know for yourself that you are beautiful and you enjoy nothing but the best! So, don’t you dare settle for less!  I am looking forward to many more days like this one, “Fun In The Sun“.


“Come and get Some”

Red, White and Blue its time now to come get some delicious smoky grilled food, cool , icy and refreshing drinks, glistening and sparkling fireworks and serene family fun! Don’t be caught  this season without something incredible or exciting to indulge. Remember not to neglect your fabulous outfit either; it has to be amazing especially on this great day the 4th. Be creative this Independence Day as you carefully and selectively commit to what it is you will actually be wearing. Rather it be long pants and an eye catching t-shirt or some funky ripped  shorts and a sexy crop, just ensure it has

“attitude” and style. Your ideal 4th of July outfit should be stunning while allowing you to feel bold, brave, festive and maybe even  a lil sassy.

It’s alright to experiment with the colors. The idea is to keep it Patriotic if you’re into the spirit and wholeheartedness of things. The prospective image is particularly  red, white and blue. Find what suits you however, go easy when it comes to your feet. I suggest some comfy and cute sandals or some cute Patriotic tennis shoes to coordinate with your individualized and spectacular outfit. You wanna be comfortable right? After all its time to heat up the grills, run and observe  sky works, play with the baby and chase geese away from the patio once they smell the juicy well seasoned meat from the smokiness of the grill. You won’t wanna be screaming later of how horrific the heels of your feet are burning and how you just can’t bare to take another step forward. So please, go easy on the feet.

It will be hard to get rid of these unwanted guests (geese) on this day after feeding them crusted bread crumbs and sunflower seeds throughout the  year. The sad truth is you may just have to set an extra place mat and invite the neighboring geese over for this years’ 4th of July cookout. Sure there will be lots of fireworks, food, family and fun but there will probably be lots of Geese also so make sure you grab an extra package of those honey baked hamburger buns. I’m willing to bet your lovely guest will just love you forever and ever for those tasty buns! Speaking of love….be certain to check your family and friends’ guest list and ensure Aunt Sarah doesn’t get left out again, like last year or you won’t be getting anything  this year for Christmas. Be certain to grab her favorite ice tea too. You know how she frets  about not having her Arizona. I know you probably do not drink it but she does so be nice!  Well gang, I better run now! I took up so much time preparing you that I forgot all about myself. I have nothing planned, cooked or prepared. Yikes! What to do? I guess I should come get some huh? I’m just not sure where to start. Hmmm.


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger


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