Egyptian Beauty

1174CD24-CC67-4D10-B3D7-8698BCB35392This lovely ensemble was one of my faves when coordinating the colors together. The color Gold gives off such great and powerful energy. I get so excited whenever  I’m around it, It gives off such a radiance, a sense of beauty and such great style.  Gold is just fun! Besides, everyone knows Gold is an attraction to any Genie. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea why. It just is.

This cute little outfit merely warrants the Genie to just about anything planned or unplanned. This outfit is simple yet, has flavor, a touch of class, confidence and boldness where necessary. This beauty can take me to a nice quiet and intimate movie, an adventurous walk in a well established museum or a perfect evening of dinner alone with that special someone.


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist


Sun Shades: Charlotte Russe $6

Necklace: Charlotte Russe $9.99

Top: AnnTaylor $36

Jeans: Charlotte Russe $22

Belt: Charlotte Russe $8

Nails: Queen Nails By LISA $40

Bag: Michael Kors


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