Charlotte..I’m Coming To Get Some!


Yes, you read it right! Im coming to get some! Charlotte Russe has once again intrigued me! This season they have everything to get you sexy and keep you there! Don’t be surprised if you step out looking like a “Super Model”.

Charlotte definitely wants you to look good and so does the GENIE. Meanwhile the Genie will be grabbing some pieces to help accentuate her wardrobe in the process. You see the Genie is no fool. She knows a deal when she sees one.

So come on! Let’s head over to Charlotte and see what fun we can have! I’m so ready to shop, shop, shop! I decided to just browse to see what they had and to my dismay, the real question is what didn’t they have? From sunglasses, to dresses, shorts, sexy tops and shoes! I will be back most definitely to get me some!

Pictured Above:

Sun Shades: Charlotte Russe $6

5 in 2 Necklace: Charlotte $5.99

Bracelet Ensemble Ser Charlotte $5.99

Belt: Charlotte Russe $8

Shoes Charlotte Russe $19.99

Bag: Michael Koors $165.00


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Specialist/Blogger

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