Let’s Have Summer


Well everyone I guess it’s safe to announce it’s finally Summer? Well in some places it is but in some areas it is certainly questionable. The weather may be a lil tricky so at times we just gotta dress according to the temperatures.

Anyway let’s try to focus on some Summer ideas just in case, it decides to visit your town! Short sleeve tops, cut up jeans and Capri pants are definitely in , along with a cute sassy bag and shoes to polish up the look.

You cant go wrong this season with just about whatever you select! The fashion realm is wide open theses days to try out new and exciting ideas. Let’s have fun and try s few here! This outfit is cool, classy, comfortable and definitely sexy. Blue represents peace so it’s virtually impossible to go wrong with anything of the Blue family.  Come on! What are you waiting for? Let’s do Blue, let’s Have Summer!

Pictured Above: The Genie is Wearing

Royal Blue Top Goodwill $3.99

White Cut Jeans Burlington $20.99

Shoes Silver Heeled Sandals DSW $19.99

Hair Black Straight Vixen Sam’s Beauty $47.99


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Review Specialist/ Blogger


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