“Jealousy “


Jealousy has never defined me. I’m simply territorial. Jealously is when you want something that isn’t yours. Territorial is protecting what is already yours. I own this look, this image and this outfit! It’s my signature look. Classy, elegance and my own personal touch of individuality.

So would you call me territorial? I would say definitely, yes! This is me and I have no intentions of EVER trading in this look. I’m so loving this one…Can’t wait to experience more color! I’m a girl that wants to have fun!

This look entails:

Top: Rainbow $6.99

Skirt: Rainbow $9.99

Sunglasses: Rainbow $6.99

Shoes: Charlotte Russe $19.99

Hair: Sam’s Beauty $21.99

Jewerly: Charlotte Russe

Nails: Queen Nails By LISA


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist




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