“Train It”

5859ECF4-9930-470F-9E1B-DE26736A98B1There has been much hype about “Waist Trainers“. Women and Men are using them to slim their upper torsos and waist lines in hopes of obtaining their desired weight and or waist measurements. I personally live by  Trainers. They definitely help shape and sculpt the middle section of my body and  help me  look and feel  amazing! Try it for 30 days or maybe even 90 days. You will be so glad you did!

“Trainers” are becoming more and more attractive by way of the many colors and diverse styles. The Vintage Genie has tried several and deemed her favorite to  those pictured above in order of prevalence. 1) Comery Waist Trainer Corset Vest- Its smooth, sleek, soft and super comfy. It fits under any garment while  allowing you to wear your own bra! 2) Yiana Womens Workout Underbust Latex Sport Girdle- Gives added support and security. Perfect for larger exterior clothing but has bulge; so not good for all garments. 3) Sayfut Waist Trainer Corset for Weight loss- Great for work out or larger exterior clothing due to snaps and added bulge.

A good Trainer gives the beautiful “hourglass” figure but #1 maintains the shape in a sexy dress, pants or anything you wear. #2, #3 Will not project a smooth finish in lighter clothing . If you are considering purchasing one for yourself or someone else I suggest you obtain one which is of the individuals exact size or one size larger. Some will suggest a size smaller but  you will be disappointed if the “Trainer” is not true to size. Different companies  produce the exact same Trainer but may vary significantly in size. Prices vary from $3.99- approximately $20.98.

Unfortunately I learned the hard way. The GENIE didn’t use her magical powers in the selection process. I decided  to shop like a regular human. I learned  my “Trainer” did not fit! As a matter of fact I learned several didn’t fit! I purchased a total of 4 Waist Trainers that ended up being surprise gifts to some happy recipients.  A surprise to me because I had no intentions of giving Trainers away! Lol. Feel free to scroll  here, click now and  get the exact same Trainers that I bought from Amazon! Have fun! Bye, bye!

Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Review Specialist


COMERY Waist Trainer Vest $19.98

YIANNA Womens Underbust Latex Sport $16.99- $28.99

SAYFUT Waist Trainer Corset For Weightloss $3.99-$9.99

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