My Heart is Sexy


Shh…get prepared now while no one is really thinking about it. Get a head start on everything you need to make your day great! Now don’t go rushing to the office tomorrow and prepare everyone else. Keep this one to yourself. You have time to grab sexy lingerie, a card and a fabulous gift for your loved one.

Don’t forget your smell good and extra bikinis too! Two is always better than one. Will you be booking a room, need wine? Well plan, plan plan! Make sure you have fun, look good, smell good and go now!
As you know I’m a Genie so I NEVER have to plan stuff really. Genies just get to have whatever they want whenever they want but sometimes its just fun acting like I understand human nature. You know what I mean? Well perhaps not, now why would I ask such a silly question? Genie jokes at large!
 Yours Truly,
The Vintage Genie
Fashion Blogger/Product Review


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