Time To Hustle

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Hey my lovely, lovely friends and family. If you’re like a lotta folks it’s time to hustle and bustle. Awe I kid you not! Yes the lines are long and if you really hate shopping among a lot of people, whining and crying babies you’re gonna certainly despise this time of the season. This time is called “LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS” or last minute complainers.

Yes they fuss, they fight and some may cry because they waited until the last minute for whatever reason and now that perfect gift simply does not exist! Allow the Genie to help you make this otherwise disaster a much smoother one for you and your loved ones. You see, The Vintage Genie loves and really cares about you! She understands you cannot be like her and just wave a wand and gifts of your choice appear or perform magic tricks and you’re suddenly at the front of the line in Macy’s department store with huge discounts than even Mr. Macy didn’t realize existed.

So go out now, yes now and grab those last minute gifts before it really gets too late. Look on the bright side you still have a little time! So enjoy and be safe and don’t forget to take your credit card or some extra cash. The Genie would hate for you to leave anything behind which could cause further delay. as you know our time here is limited. It’s officially time to hustle and bustle! Awe and please let the Genie know how it went! Merry Christmas everyone!


Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/ Product Review Specialist




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