What Is This?

xmas and us
It’s that time of year again when people tend to be happier and full of great cheer! It’s that time of year again when you see more smiling faces than ever before. Ole Mary despised you in high school, but when she subsequently sees you out with family Mary mystically invites you over for tea. Ironically in high school ole Mary refused to sit next to you in order to complete a minor classroom task. Now, you have every right to suspect something strange must be in the air.
The family pet is so overjoyed he springs high up in the air and lands on your lap. Awe, the baby is at such perfect peace and even your neighbors are acting a bit strange or quite odd I would say. Your neighbors are actually friendly! They even smile whenever you greet them. Your boss has suddenly transferred into a calm and reasonable human being. You ask, how possible? He is no longer yelling hysterically at every error or issue which arises. Oh, he’s yelling but this time it’s just simply different; you know what I mean. The office has a certain calmness and people really do actually notice.
Such beautiful and amazing tree trimmings, the awesome and magical lights that mesmerize us all, the taste of chocolate chip freshly baked cookies and warm hot chocolate filled with marshmallows. That always gets me excited! Lets not forget that sweet sweet smell of grandma’s homemade fresh baked apple pie. The aroma is like an instant air freshener we never want to go away. Well I must say you’ve guessed it right! Yes indeed you have. It’s Christmas! That’s my secret. Now let’s go and enjoy all the festivities the season has to offer. Why not? Don’t you deserve it?
Yours Truly,
The Vintage Genie
Blogger/Product Review Specialist

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