My Blue has Some Clues


This Genie was completely clueless when she purchased this amazing blue outfit all for just under $50! You ask, how is this ever so possible? Well I wanted to know too! This outfit is chic, cute, and maybe even a lil sassy too. This Genie loves to shop, loves to have fun and as you know loves a great bargain too. My ultimate secret is NEVER give up on finding deals. What one store may NOT have, another will. Just be persistent and go get ’em! Trust the Genie, the deals are out there.

So let’s start from the very beginning and journey our way right into these amazing and cheap bargains, I picked up at some of your favorite stores! Although, be aware you may or may not be able to get the exact same deals I picked up. Just know there is something at these fabulous stores for everybody and if you are determined like The Vintage Genie, you will find your treasure too! Use patience, have a positive attitude and be open to change. Sometimes changing your style and normal look is just what you need!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, fashions, trends and escape from the norm. These days every fashion is in. Its hard to go wrong unless, you are just completely off task and then, and ONLY then I will be forced to contact “The Fashion Police”. Your unique and individualized look is exactly what you make it so, have fun creating your own look while saving a bundle of cash doing it. Who says you needs loads of cash to look amazing? Shop smart and if, you’re on a budget, keep following me! Then you too, will have clues whenever you shop just like the Genie. Now take a peek down below! Now you too know why my Blues have Clues. I shopped deals and made all of this possible.

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Glasses: (Kmart) $2.99

Jewerly: Charlotte Russe $6.99

Hair:(Sam’s Beauty) $21.99) Outre Zenn Synthetic Lace Front Wig Color DR30

Lip Color:(Mac Cosmetics) $20.00 Matte Bugglegum AC1

Top:(Goodwill) $4.99) Express

Jeans:(Atlanta Flea Market) $25.00 Express Skinny

Bag:(Goodwill) $4.99) 9 West

Shoes:(Goodwill) $4.99) Bakers Stilettos

Thank you so much for hanging out with me! Talk to you next time.



Yours Truly,

The Vintage Genie

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist

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