“Celebrity” Mall Shopping

ATLANTA MEHey  guys! I wanted to learn what all the hype was about in reference to the well known Lenox Mall located in the prestigous (Buckhead) of Atlanta Georgia so,the Vintage Genie decided to experience it for herself!  Lenox was quite different from the typical mall. It offered high end to mid range which indicates versatility. It was unique to learn Lenox caters to and has stores tailored to fit most budgets without being  segregated. Lenox allows  the not so fortunate to the extreme fortunate and wealthy to share shopping experiences together.

I especially enjoyed all of the interesting and healthy restaurants Lenox had to offer and the Genie took sole advantage of that! I shopped at various stores and made some awesome selections that I’m extremely proud of. Victoria Secrets was at the top of my list including  Mac Cosmetics. I honestly did not see many well known Celebrities however I did see “Scrappy“a known Rap Artist.

Lenox Mall is a Paramount for Stars so perhaps next time The “Vintage Genie” will just have to rub her Genie Bottle to have better luck! I must say I had a memorable experience I will not soon forget! Lenox Mall gave me such peace and comfort. It had such a friendly, comfortable and addictive vibe that I had no problem taking in! Lenox Mall, the Genie will be back!

(Wardrobe Pictured Above)

Floral Print Top: Charloutte Russe $6.99

Hunter Skirt: Rainbow Shops $9.99

Sunglasses: Rainbow Shops $6.99

(Lenox Mall, Buckhead Atlanta Georgia)


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Blogger/Product Review Specialist

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