Country Time


The Country has always been one of my favorite places to unwind, relax and just simply rejuvenate and meditate. Its a place of coherency and ultimate peace away from the daily city life of loud and hasty fire truck sirens, people yelling, music playing, babies crying and simply the everyday exchange of busy individuals commuting from one place to another. Its a taste of pure freedom away from overcrowded Starbucks, long lines and stubborn traffic lights. Awe, such a breath of fresh air! Just listen to the crickets, enjoy the midnight stars and embrace serenity and tranquility wholeheartedly. Once the fresh, sweet morning air and beautiful sunshine awake you, and kiss you on your cheek, you will then know its a new day!

A new day sets forth for new adventures, new and fresh ideas and certainly a new outfit! This cool outfit was purchased for less than $15. This gorgeous Haute Monde floral print off shoulder top was on clearance for just $5. Awe,and this all purpose hunter green “Iris” pencil skirt was at a ridiculous price of $9.97. These unique pieces were purchased at I obtained free shipping and super fast delivery of my purchase. You can just imagine that this “Genie” was happy because she has landed yet, another super great deal! You see, the Vintage Genie loves, loves deals, clearance price tags, markdowns and super sales. Its all so simple and that’s because she just wouldn’t have it any other way!

So why not enjoy the Country Summer? Kick back grab yourself a glass of cool freshly squeezed ice cold lemonade. Relax by the pool and enjoy a great book or perhaps one of the latest Fashion magazines. Now its time to embrace the atmosphere and take in the beautiful warm sun as it dances across the sky. make certain you have your hot and sexy shades, pack some sunscreen and dress comfortably too cause its relaxation time! Awe, now your doing it and don’t worry about that text. You can always respond later! Don’t answer that call either; well unless its an emergency like your husband needs a grilled chicken sandwich from your local burger joint or your neighbor needs borrow your lawn sprinkler since theirs went out last Spring or, your son wants you to meet the new love of his life. (She is only the fifth one this month) Well, you get the point. Otherwise enjoy!

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