My Black Experience

I had a really important business meeting in Chicago I needed to attend. I had 1 hour and 15 minutes before I was to arrive and I was exactly 45 minutes away! Yes of course I planned to be on time but I also had my shopping obligation. Anyone that knows me will tell you “The Genie” has to  shop whenever I travel to Chicago. I just gotta! So here I am pressed for time and debating rather I had enough time to shop or head to my meeting. Well I knew I  needed an off shoulder top and well, I could certainly  use a black pencil skirt too. So it was settled. I was off on this shopping journey determined to collect the exclusive items on my “most wanted” list!

While driving I discovered I needed fuel! Why now, in the middle of my rushing to go shopping and meeting trip? I wondered if I could make it? I didn’t want to be late. I had to allocate time for shopping, estimate travel and peace of mind while shopping. You see, I cannot allow any distractions. Shopping is a job which requires one’s full and complete concentration. Nonetheless I stopped at the service station to get gas. As I drove I learned I was in Hyde Park or at least close by. I searched for a convenient store when I stumbled across Rainbow. Yes, Rainbow! Now I never ever shop there for anything; Rainbow just does not offer my style or quality of clothing but because of my time allotment the odds were against me. Needless to say I ended up in Rainbow. To my surprise I purchased this gorgeous Ambiance off shoulder top” on the clearance rack for just $5.00 and an Iris black pencil skirt for only $9.97. Believe it or not the top is of excellent and sound quality and I would have paid more at another establishment.

As for the skirt  the quality and price are compatible and its certainly not worth much more. Both pieces for just $15.00. I was totally ecstatic! If I were to shop anywhere else I would have been expected to pay at least $40-$50 bucks at the least!  Y’all I must say, I owe Rainbow an apology. I completely prejudged them; they have quality beyond their price tag. I cannot say I will shop with them again but I can say if  I had not been in a hurry I may have never learned to appreciate Rainbow or to embrace such awesome deals. My cute black skirt and dainty little adorable top are 2 hot pieces! Now that’s “My Black Experience“. By the way, I arrived to the meeting and on time!

Yours Truly,

‘The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger

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