“Come and get Some”

Red, White and Blue its time now to come get some delicious smoky grilled food, cool , icy and refreshing drinks, glistening and sparkling fireworks and serene family fun! Don’t be caught  this season without something incredible or exciting to indulge. Remember not to neglect your fabulous outfit either; it has to be amazing especially on this great day the 4th. Be creative this Independence Day as you carefully and selectively commit to what it is you will actually be wearing. Rather it be long pants and an eye catching t-shirt or some funky ripped  shorts and a sexy crop, just ensure it has

“attitude” and style. Your ideal 4th of July outfit should be stunning while allowing you to feel bold, brave, festive and maybe even  a lil sassy.

It’s alright to experiment with the colors. The idea is to keep it Patriotic if you’re into the spirit and wholeheartedness of things. The prospective image is particularly  red, white and blue. Find what suits you however, go easy when it comes to your feet. I suggest some comfy and cute sandals or some cute Patriotic tennis shoes to coordinate with your individualized and spectacular outfit. You wanna be comfortable right? After all its time to heat up the grills, run and observe  sky works, play with the baby and chase geese away from the patio once they smell the juicy well seasoned meat from the smokiness of the grill. You won’t wanna be screaming later of how horrific the heels of your feet are burning and how you just can’t bare to take another step forward. So please, go easy on the feet.

It will be hard to get rid of these unwanted guests (geese) on this day after feeding them crusted bread crumbs and sunflower seeds throughout the  year. The sad truth is you may just have to set an extra place mat and invite the neighboring geese over for this years’ 4th of July cookout. Sure there will be lots of fireworks, food, family and fun but there will probably be lots of Geese also so make sure you grab an extra package of those honey baked hamburger buns. I’m willing to bet your lovely guest will just love you forever and ever for those tasty buns! Speaking of love….be certain to check your family and friends’ guest list and ensure Aunt Sarah doesn’t get left out again, like last year or you won’t be getting anything  this year for Christmas. Be certain to grab her favorite ice tea too. You know how she frets  about not having her Arizona. I know you probably do not drink it but she does so be nice!  Well gang, I better run now! I took up so much time preparing you that I forgot all about myself. I have nothing planned, cooked or prepared. Yikes! What to do? I guess I should come get some huh? I’m just not sure where to start. Hmmm.


Yours Truly,

“The Vintage Genie”

Fashion Review Blogger


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